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Cryo Max New

Is a non-invasive treatment, the fat cells are frozen at a temperature of 4 degrees Celsius, the intracellular triglycerides by liquid becomes solid-state, while not harming normal cells.
Boston, Massachusetts General Hospital, United States Harvard Medical School Department of Dermatology specialist.
Fat cells are more susceptible to freezing than other organizations around.
Elimination take fat cells which can be safely.Without damage to the skin and other tissue.
Also equipped with RF treatment head that instantly promote micro-circulation to accelerate metabolism.
  • especially for stubborn fat thick
  • reduce fat thickness
  • RF can promote micro-circulation to accelerate metabolic
  • month 2 times per week, continuous use eight times the average thickness of the fat layer reduction 3 - 4mm
  • treatment program will happen according to fat thickness, and adjusting the suction
  • Easy operation


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