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Multi Cools

The new Electporation System

Penetration depth to 6cm

Product absorption capacity of up to 80%

With Cryo / Heat device

Cool: -15 ~ 5°

Warm: 35 ~ 40°

Skin rejuvenation, Slim, health, wide range of applications : Scalp, Skin, Cellulite, Muscle

  • Scalp : Blood circulations , Prevents hair loss
  • Skin : Repair cells, Smooth sensitive, Rapid sedation
  • Cellulite : Frozen fat melting, Lipolysis,Lymphatic drainage
  • Muscle : Relax, relieve swelling and pain
  • Skin sedation and refrigeration treatment by cooling system after IPL, fractional laser or MTS treatment.
  • Electroporation electric field strength with Cryolipolysis, without causing a wound or destroy normal cells under the skin and fat cells shrink frozen
  • Relieve muscle pain, relax tense muscles