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The new radio frequency technology to Korea,Combining the two technologies RET and CET for subcutaneous and visceral fat, equipped with face RET RF handpiece.To stimulate the cortex of fibroblasts, the underlying skin collagen regeneration; while lymphatic drainage, helping the body expel toxins and excess water, reshape facial contours and curves of stature, body skin firm and elastic. Up to improve the body shape and improve the powerful effects of facial contours.

6 different sizes of the operating head, suitable for use in different parts of
  • Blow visceral fat
  • Prevent fat accumulation
  • Thermal stimulation of adipose tissue
  • Accelerate metabolism
  • Improve blood circulation
  • High cell function: Anti-Aging
  • Improve facial complexion, relaxation and restore skin elasticity
  • Smooth skin fine lines, wrinkles

Resistive Electric Transfer


  • RET is South Korea's latest and most advanced radio frequency technology to effectively reduce visceral fat
  • Energy can be deeply human organs, and therefore can also simultaneously promote lymphatic microcirculation, so wastes excreted up to the weight-loss effect.
  • Fast, effective, and safe to make the body produce thermal effects deep tissue (deep heating) reached 42 ~ 45 ℃, reach cell activation, enhance immunity, promote metabolism and collagen.


CapactiveElectric Transfer

  • CET is a use of RF energy into electric current to change within the body to produce mobile electrons, causing deep diathermy function
  • Expand treatment site
  • Effective loss of subcutaneous fat