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Electroporation using the principle of a high pulse frequency. Penetrate the cell membrane without interruption.The membrane is formed on a temporary channel, Within a few seconds of the state remain open for product penetration enhancement of the active ingredient 80% .Directly into the cell, It has been hailed as DNA cells into treatments.
  • 80% Product injected cells to absorb nutrients
  • trophoblastic
  • fade fine
  • promote cell regeneration
  • penetration nutritional essence
  • increase blood circulation
  • stimulate the metabolism
  • stimulate cell viability
  • increase skin absorption capacity Harmonie
  • soothing
  • maintain the skin moist and soft
  • feel comfortable
  • can effectively be different essence, quickly guided to the dermal layer of the cells
  • than the average 20 times higher import penetration tester