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About us
Beauty Smart Medical And Beauty Supply International Group

Company Background

20131114 163530Benefited from the over-100-year experience in Swiss skincare products and the prosperity of the Swiss country, Beauty Smart Medical and Beauty Supply Int’l Group has been successfully developed from a Swiss biotech skincare product manufacturer into a renowned professional medical beauty products and equipments distributor. 

With the hope to come up with effective solutions to skin problems by slowing down human aging process so that people who wish for beautiful appearance can never get old, our Group recruited not only cytologists with more than 15 years of experience, but also renowned skin care experts who aim at combining beauty treatment and cytology into equipments and accessories inventions which the beauty industry has been awaited for so long.

Business Nature
Stationing in Hong Kong, Beauty Smart Medical and Beauty Supply Int’l Group put medical beauty products and equipments on the local, Mainland China and the global market for professional doctors, medical beauty companies and small-to-medium beauty houses. In addition, our customized value-added services, including promotions, new market developments, knowledge and technology trainings, as well as operation and management system, stick with the changing demand of the beauty industry and the need for continuous service improvements. We offer all of the above to our valued partners, so that they will be able to enjoy a more diverse and gratified business growth and higher sales volume.

Business Strengths
Nowadays, people focus much on product packaging and promotion. Yet, no matter professional beauty skin care or counter products, their actual value is often being neglected. As beauty equipments become so advanced, people are more concerned about results and figures from medical research. That’s why we focus extremely on the effectiveness of equipments and the development of new products and accessories. We concern much about the quality of products and even the monitoring of our manufacturers who must be recognized under international standards such as ISO, SGS, CE, GMP or MEDICAL DEVICE. We also try our best to make sure that products are durable, therapeutic, environmentally friendly and with nice packaging, leading us to enter a new era of introducing high quality skin care products and technology. When taking about skin care products, skin cell rebirth technology with the nature’s power has become a global new trend. We do not only import raw materials from Europe and the United States, but also explore the most precious and effective ingredients for anti-aging skin care products around the world. Since 2000, electronic medical beauty equipments have been popular among the beauty industry market as they have significant treatment results on skin care, so we regard this as our vision by cooperating with first-class medical equipment manufacturers from various countries such as Korea, the United Kingdom and the United States, as a result enhancing our status as well as achievements in the market even more.

Vision and Mission
Beauty and skin care are a part of the human disciplinary project. We hope that everyone regardless of their sex, age and place or origin can enjoy the benefits of our high quality skin care products and equipments which guarantee to both your inner health and your outer health. In order to maintain our service quality, we not only concern much about the quality of products but also emphasize much on after-sales services, trainings, follow-up works, promotions, guarantees, etc. so that business partners can benefit from increasing sales figures and to gain the expected profits.